Swim Analysis

By far the best way to improve your swimming. Coach Hamish has conducted over 300 1-2-1 swim video analysis sessions and has a proven record of helping athletes of all abilities improve.

Our 45 minute swim analysis includes the following:

  • Full HD video of your stroke from a variety of angles
  • Analysis and viewing of the footage on poolside
  • Further time in the water working on key areas of improvement
  • Additional video footage taken where appropriate
  • After the session, your coach will analyse your video with commentaries, annotations, angles and lines to allow to help you understand your improvement areas
  • Your videos are then available to download along with a written analysis which includes your key improvement areas and drills to help you improve

All this for just £75 per session. COMING SOON ON LOCATION OF A POOL

Do you have your own pool at home?

If you have a pool in your home that is at least 15m long or an Endless Pool (or similar) then I am happy to come to your home to carry out the Swim Analysis session as detailed above. Price may vary depending on distance of travel, if less than 10 miles travel then the standard rate of £75 per session will apply. If more than 10 miles, there will be a charge of an additional £5 per each 5 miles further than 10 miles (i.e. if 19 miles away then cost would be £85)